A safe place to land

When holding your breath is safer than breathing
When letting go is braver than keeping
When innocent words turn to lies
And you can’t hide by closing your eyes

When pain is all that they offer
Like a kiss from the lips of a monster
You know the famine so well
But never met the feast
And home is the belly of the beast

The ocean is wild and over your head
And the boat beneath you is sinking
Don’t need room for your bags
Hope is all that you have
So say the Lord’s prayer twice
Hold your babies tight

Surely someone will reach out a hand
And show you a safe place to land

Oh, imagine yourself in a building
Up in flames being told to stand still
The window’s wide open
This leap is on faith
You don’t know who will catch you
Maybe somebody will

Be the hand of a hopeful stranger
A little scared but you’re strong enough
Be the light in the dark of this danger
‘Til the sun comes up, comes up