Despite repeated warnings

Despite repeated warnings of dangers up ahead
The captain won’t be listening to what’s been said
He feels that there’s a good chance that we have been misled
And so the captain’s planning to steam ahead

What can we do, what can we do
What can we do to stop this foolish plan going through
What can we do, what can we do
This man is bound to lose his ship and his crew

Despite repeated warnings from those who ought to know
Well, he’s got his own agenda and so he’ll go
Those who shout the loudest may not always be the smartest
But they have their proudest moments right before they fall

Red sky in the morning doesn’t ever seem to phase him
But a sailor’s warning signal should concern us all

How can we stop him, grab the keys and lock him up
If we can do it we can save the day
The engineer lives with his wife and daughter Janet
but he misses them so
Although he’s working with the best crew on the planet
They never want him to go

He had a premonition
He senses something’s wrong
And by his own admission
He knew it all along

The captain’s crazy but he doesn’t let them know it
He’ll take us with him if we don’t do something soon to slow him

Below decks the engineer cries
The captain’s gonna leave us when the temperatures rise
The needle’s going up, the engine’s gonna blow
And we are gonna be left down below

Yes we can do it
Yeah, we can do it now
Yes we can do it

If life would work out the way you plan it
That’d be so fine for the wife and Janet
Sometimes you might have to battle through it
But that’s the way you learn how you’ve got to do it

So we went to the captain and we told him to turn around
But he laughs in our faces says that we are mistaken
So we gather around him now the ropes that have bound him
Prove that he should have listened to the will of the people

It’s the will of the people
It’s the will of the people